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Get the best workout that our TidalFit can offer


Rowing Bars


Smooth, low-impact, and non-load bearing, rowing spreads the exercise intensity evenly over the body’s three major muscle groups: the torso, legs, and arms. This even distribution of exercise helps tone all muscles, instead of just one group.

Resistant Cords


Resistant cords are used for curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, shoulder pulls, and back pulls. These upper body exercises are specifically designed to build strength and lumbar core stability. The cords vary in size to accommodate beginners to advanced conditioning.

Stationary Resistant Swim


The resistant swimming tether training system adds dimension to the range of the TidalFit exercise options. The buoyancy of water provides a virtually weightless environment, allowing you to walk with minimal stress on joints and bones. Walking against the resistance of water also increases the rate at which you burn calories and strengthen muscles.