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Love our TidalFit

We bought our Tidal Fit Swim Spa by Artesian Spas in 2009. It is easy to maintain and cost efficient. We get in to exercise, relax with the jets on or play with the grandkids. I love having our own place to relax and unwind in our own yard.

Dawn Rumford

Tital Fit Swimspa Review

We purchased a 15′ Tital Fit Swimspa which was installed in May of 2016. We absolutely love it. We use it all year long. We purchased the exercise kit as well. We put it in a cement vault so part is in the ground and the rest is above ground to give us more privacy when using it. I put a cement patio around it. It looks beautiful. It looks and works wonderful and is even greater to use.

I would recommend it, if you are looking at getting one.

Luann Robutka

Twice a day!

I have owned a 12 foot swim spa for 1.5 years and it has improved my quality of life. Really. I work out in it just about every morning and then relax in it in the evening. I have lost 30 pounds in the last 5 months and my spa is big reason for it.
We were not sure how much we would use it and it has surprised us how much we get into it. Fantastic!

Curt Nakon

So excited to have this delivered

I looked everywhere for a swim spa and compared this to dozens. I thought I might want a larger one. The quality of this swim spa is far superior than most longer ones. I could not compromise length to quality so
I just bought this. I’m so exctied, can’t wait till I get it in a month or so.

Marcella edelman

Love our Swimspa!

We’ve had our 14 ft Tidalfit for 11 months and love it! We put it in our garage so we use it regardless of the weather! My wife and I are retired seniors and the spa keeps us both moving and feeling better! We both have said we wished we would have got it years ago! I swam in a local public pool for 12 years and I think I get just as good of a swim/workout in the Tidalfit using both the jets and a tether!

Gary Lowderman

We love our swim spa

We’ve had our swim spa for 2 years now, and we love it. We have been teaching our young daughters how to swim in it. My wife uses it for exercise and to rest her back and shoulders. We were involved in a tragic vehicle collision last fall and I lost two limbs. The swim spa is now where I feel the most free and like my old self. We just love the addition it has made to our home life. Tidalfit is a great company and did everything they said they would. Thank you.

Stephen Outram

love Our Spa

We bought our tidalfit spa in 2017. We originally were going to get a swimming by pool. But weighing out the time to install and the cost we put it off. Most of our neighbors have swimming pools and don’t use. But then we saw a commercial on a swim spa. We decided to go check it out. We had it installed in ground. Looks nice and the great part we use it year round. The maintenance is easy and the cost of running it is so much cheaper than a swimming pool. A great source of excersise or just relaxing. We highly recommend a swim spa over a swimming pool.

Dana Bodden


I loveexercising in my TidalFit. It’s a perfect workout when my joints are sore between the heat and the jets I feel invigorated and revived

Susan Carnahan

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